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Bags for carrying anything!

Bags for carrying anything for all type and kind of uses are available in our store and warehouse. Paper, plastic, fabric, pharmacy, touristic, messenger bags, or bags for partry and bakery uses, handful or not, with colors and patterns or not, are available in any quantity and in the cheapest prices in Greece! 

Plastic bags for packing anything!

Plastic bags for packing and packaging anything such as food, tools, agriculturals, clothes, quilts and blankets, abd also bags from polyethylene, pvc, polypropylene, for baskets, for trash, for scrap and more; furthermore bags with ziper or not and plastic sachets with special closures are available in any quantity and priceless! Order now... 

Packing and packaging materials

Packing and packaging materials are available from our company for any use as "wire tying", "stretch film", "aluminum foil", "craft and papers", "air bubble wrapping papers", etc.

Ribbons, Pouches and Bows

Ribbons, Pouches and bows in different colors, patterns, and materials can be prepared exclusively upon your request. Our collection of ribbons, bows and pouches are widely and certainly